Chopta -Tunganath- Chandrashila Hike

High altitude meadow
The sound of music moment
Green Carpet welcome
Morning blues
Rhododendron blossom

Camping ground
Stairway to heaven

In 3 days camping , we saw beautiful meadows in bright sunshine, rhododendron blossoms , fog , rains and hail storm.

We were part of hills and sharing the weather god or goddess tantrums. Enjoyed every bit of the weather change.

This was a break from main land heat and the getting drenched in cold rain or battered by hail storm in a way felt pleasant.

Camping in own tent is fun. Like all treks, made friends with furry mountain dogs. They are very interesting characters.

I had visited this place in Jan-2015 and I have to admit, the snowclad landscape was slightly more enchanting.

This is a beginners’ trek and can be done with minimal fitness. However, people not used to the high altitudes may suffer nausea and headaches at Chandrashila. Don’t spend too much time on top.

3 days are not enough, but we all have to earn livelihood. Descending back to mainland is a tormenting experience with heat and pollution suddenly hitting with more impact.

These 3 days make me think, what if life was simpler?

How to Reach:

Catch a local taxi or bus from Rishikesh. Taxi is a better option to avoid travel fatigue and save time. If you start from Rishikesh around 8 morning , you should reach Chopta by 3 afternoon. The trekking time to Chandrashila depends on your capacity. The path is well laid out.

If you go in Chardham season, renting own private cab for 3 days may be a costly affair. Going in off season is a better option.

Where to Stay:

There are camps situated in around Tunganath temple. The better option is to stay slightly before Chopta. It’s quieter and the view is great. Most of the accommodations are tents with basic facilities and can accommodate three to four people.


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