How to almost freeze to death and yet fall in love with Winter

This republic day weekend I am trekking around Tosh village in Parvati valley. This place is approx 5 km from Barshaini.

The day is bright sunshine with freezing wind. The sunshine reflected from snow capped mountains makes it impossible to gaze directly at mountains. You sweat in sunshine and freeze in shade. The nearby lake looks slushy and patches of fresh now all around. Any surface that was in touch with water, shall be covered in thin layer of ice. If it’s a water body, then you can see icicles hanging from tree branches and stones. The ice cover is difficult to negotiate and best avoided to avoid slipping.

You can start seeing the moon around 5 pm . Then suddenly freezing wind takes over and everything starts to move in slow pace. You see everyone back to their abode and cooking preparations starting. The mountains are moonlit and look surreal. Everything is forced into slumber by rapidly dipping temperature. You don’t want to touch anything without gloves.The electricity is limited and so lighting pollution is minimal. You can see the stars like you can’t do it in the city. This is a place with amazing view and basic amenities. Come with a torch, warm clothing , raincoat , good trekking shoes and an open mind.

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