Goa Backpacking Guide for Introverts


There are two sides to Goa, One which is portrayed in movies as a happening destination, other is you discover when you are ready to step out and explore. Goa is laid-back and it reminds of the Italian saying “dolce far niente” meaning “sweetness of doing nothing”. If you want to enjoy Goa please don’t be a slave to your itinerary. As an introvert, always looking for a quiet corner in a crowded place, Goa will offer you plenty of opportunities.

North Goa is more crowded but as you move to the South you can experience the local life. The introverted side of Goa is budget friendly, serene and relaxing. You don’t have to stress to enjoy something. Personally, the best way to travel to Goa is by train in Monsoon. You feel like the place has actually laid out a green carpet for you.

Goa is a paradise for Non-Vegetarians. Paired with Feni, the spicy and succulent seafood will make you revise your favorite food lists. The amazing thing is you can find good food almost everywhere in Goa, from beach shacks to fancy restaurants. I preferred the introvert option, sitting quietly on the beach with spicy calamari dish and feni bottle. You can sit with a book for hours on the beach and no one will bother you. This is the monsoon story and situation is slightly different in the winter season. Still, you can always find a quiet beach with a quaint shack, serving feni and seafood.

Summer in Goa is enjoyable sitting inside a cozy place and savoring seasonal delicacies like fresh mangoes and kokam sharbat and clinging to a good book while taking a siesta. This may sound lazy but this is therapeutic in nature. If I may suggest, Folklore Hostel, in Vagator is one quaint place. They are away from the hustle-bustle of the main area yet it is well connected. A very friendly and informed staff will be there you assist you. This hostel is run by a bunch of cool people! You can have a quiet time and also engrossing conversations with fellow travelers.

The best way to roam around is the two-wheeler but please don’t drink and drive. You can visit all the important landmarks on the rented bike. The bike rentals are cheap and a copy of driving license will suffice for renting. If you are staying at Folklore Hostel, they will help you in getting well-maintained bikes. In case you want to try something home cooked, as a cultural experience and want to learn the same, Folklore folks can help you with that also. Don’t forget to carry home feni and kokam syrup. If you like dried fish, then, please double-triple layer the packing before carrying home some. Cashew nuts are famous in Goa and they taste amazing in raw form.

So basically for introverts, going to Goa is like a meditation to recharge your chi sapped by hectic work-life. Try exploring the serene side of Goa away from hullabaloo, even the extroverts will fall in love with it.


  1. Goa is my favourite destination. I feel exploring Goa without agenda is far more rewarding. Also it has become every foodie’s paradise. Vagator especially ozran beach is my favourite


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