Sarnath . Varanasi : Second Visit

Last visit, had missed opportunity to visit sarnath. This time first visited Sarnath , before going to Varanasi. The place is easily accessible by shared transport from Varanasi. The place is much quieter and clean. This the place where Gautam Buddha is believed to have given his first lecture after enlightenment.


It’s a beautiful place, and it was drizzling. So it was an awesome experience to see the monument. The site was explored in the 19 th century by British.


The place is famous in Buddhist pilgrimage route in India. You can see people meditate and follow Buddhist rituals.


It’s an occasion of Mahashivratri and Varanasi is in festive mood. Too much crowd though. Loud music played, disturbs the peace along the bank , but I guess that’s what happens when people get over excited.

Still there are quiet roof top café you can go and relax. The view is also great from these café.
I guess, there are still more trips to Varanasi. Will keep updating.

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