Jaipur: Its colorful

I had a chance to visit Jaipur on the way back from Bharatpur. The city is well connected by high speed road network and rail network to Delhi. The city has new and old parts. The old Jaipur is worth visiting. The places I visited include Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal. There is a lot more explore but time is always a constraint.

The first place was Amer Fort in the evening:


The fort is well maintained and has light-sound show in the evening , telling stories about the history of the fort. I did not catch any of the shows due to time constraints but heard they are OK.


In the late evening , after Amer Fort , visited a lot of local food stalls trying local dishes near Hawa Mahal and Sindhi Colony Bus Stand. One can go to Amer Fort by taking public bus service from Hawa Mehal. Its cheapest mode to reach and does not take long time as well.

The next Day First stop was Jal Mahal:

The road is same as that for Amer Fort. The place looks splendid in the morning.


The weather was pleasant, so it was not tiring to cover the complete circumference of the lake.  Sad part is the lake is not well maintained. You can see drainage  water and plastic on the shore. Tourists also don’t seem to bother too much about littering in the vicinity of the lake.

The hawa mehal has a beautiful architecture and looks grand from outside.

There are lot of shops for street shopping near hawa mehal. If you can bargain, there are good deals on local items.
The place is famous onion Kachori and Rawat Kachori store near Sindhi bus stand is quite famous.
There are many more places to explore for next visit.

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