Varanasi : Chaotic , Peaceful, Dirty, Beautiful, Colourful.. It’s addictive

The city of Varanasi also known as Kashi or Banaras is one of the oldest cities in history of human civilization. The city has its own way of life. The old city has narrow lanes and traffic that moves at snails pace with open drainages. Not the best first impression. But once you reach the river side everything changes. The Ghats are connected to each other and can be traversed on foot. There are amazing scenes during the morning and evening rituals. The Ganga arti in the evening is captivating and the synchronized performance by priests is the essence of the whole ritual. The lighting and sound effects combined with the cool breeze along Ganges make the whole experience unforgettable. The best view is from a boats anchored along the river side.


Local food is  good. The morning Kachori Sabzi breakfast is worth trying. Lassi and sweets are also good. Banaras is also famous for silk sarees.  Visiting Weaver household can be a different experience. The whole process can take up to four days to a month for completion.

I stayed in a hostel, so had a chance to interact with different people. It was an enriching experience to talk to people on poverty in India to crisis in the middle East. Different cultures have different views.

The place needs time to explore. There are historical places like Sarnath and Gaya nearby. Will be going again soon. This time hopefully with friends.

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