Madhya Pradesh … Monsoon Exploration

I had chance to visit the tribal district of Dindori for work.
I never expected this place to be so idyllic.
This place is still different from rest of India.

Most of the district is still under forest cover, with very little coverage of mobile and banking services.

The district is a hilly region with plenty of water falls and lush green forest cover.
The area has “Baiga” tribal as inhabitants who still follow their simple life style.

Never expected this place to have good hotel facilities, but was pleasantly surprised to find clean and neat hotel.
The food available in these hotels is mostly vegetarian and quality is OK.

The temperatures were pleasant during the day time with light fog in some places and never ending drizzle.

The town is very small but you get all the basic necessities. It is advisable to carry medicines along.

The place has its own culture and very different from the main land India. The tribal now grow rice and wheat but earlier they used to grow local varieties of millet. The agriculture here is mainly for subsistence and not for commercial purpose.

The best season to come to this place is monsoon. The roads are in decent condition to travel from Jabalpur to Dindori. The distance is around 3 hrs. The famous “Amarkantak ” is also nearby ( around 80 km from Dindori).

karo pani blackbuck reserve

The place also has historical significance. The queen “Avantibai” from Ramgadh in Dindori, fought bravely against the British. The fort ruins can be seen.


The locals use available resources for survival. One example is of the hat made from sal tree leaves and bamboo.

If you are interested in exploring different types of local grains , this will be an interesting place for you. The locals grow a lot of ingenious varieties of millet. Almost all the farming in Baiga Chak region of the district in organic in nature, though not formally certified.

Local made hat

Plan to go in October to explore this place again.


It was much needed break from the boring Delhi life.

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