Sayonara Odisha !

It has been two wonderful years and Bhubansewar city has been really nice to me. The college life was memorable, made new friends and saw wonderful places.

It was my first visit to any state in the east and I must admit it was very different than what I had expected.
Odisha is one of the least developed states in India in terms of infrastructure but people here are very nice especially in villages. There are challenges like drinking water and toilets while working in the rural areas but the chance to learn something new helps you overcome the difficulties.

Odisha has hidden gems like Satkosia, Bhitarkanika, Astaranga apart from the famous places.


Odisha is famous for handicraft work but you can’t really experience the feeling unless you actually visit a place like Pipli in the evening. Some of the stone sculptures displayed on the Bhubaneswar – Puri road are breath taking. They justify their heritage.

You have to live with a lot of limitations in this place. The transportation is not as good as it should be. The buses can improve on their service. People from outside take time to get used to the fact that there is not so much road side eatery culture in semi urban and rural parts. The place is blessed with awesome sea food. The crabs & prawns from Chilka lake are heavenly. But in Bhubnaeswar sea food was not easily available !


The trip to Chilka Sea Mouth was memorable one.


This place is endowed with forests and natural resources. But the beauty has own tantrums. This place regularly suffers from wrath of nature. The coast is always prone to cyclones. While traveling to Gopalpur from Puri you can see the damage caused by Phailin cyclone.
This place is very religious. You would find temples almost everywhere in Bhubaneswar. The effect of this can be observed on their lifestyle as well.

I hope there is a political will in this state to take care of the natural resources and not damage the ecosystem for profits through uncontrolled mining. The natural resources might prove to be a curse for the common people with the elite taking all the profits.

There are many places that I could not visit. I missed on touring the Ratnagiri ruins, Daringbadi the coolest place in Odisha, Chandipur and many more. I hope to come back in future. Till then Bye ! Hello Delhi !


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