Its a very different place.  The place is divided into many islands with dense mangrove forest cover. Many of the areas still don’t have electricity and can be accessed through boat. The place has got its own charm.

The better way to travel to Sudaarbans is to take guided tour as it is more convenient and major attractions can be covered.


The west bengal tourism has a launch which takes you to sundarban from Sonakhali. The tour goes by one route circles an island and comes back by other route. The tour starts from the tourism center in Kolkata. The bus takes around 3 hrs to reach. The tour starts around 8 AM.


There are various stopping points in the tour. The night is spent in the launch. There are various levels in the vessels. The lower deck is the cheapest.

The food and the overall feel of the launch is good. The guide told  that it is better to visit the place during the low tide. Then the big launches can not come because of low draught and only smaller boats can take tourists , which can  take you through narrower streams.


The weather on the second day of the trip was very chilly with heavy rains and winds. The second day was washed out, not much wild life to see. Image

There are hotels and guest houses available in and around Sundarban. One can plan the tour, traveling day time in river and coming back to the land at night.

The Sundarbans are very quiet at the night time except for the sound of the boats and the wildlife.


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