Satkosia Tiger Reserve – Nature at its best



There are few places which enchant you and keep you spell bound for a long time. My visit to Satkosia was one of a kind adventure. The place is far off with no electricity, no mobile phones and no contact to the mainland. The place where we stayed was a small village called Tikarpada. The place has provision for camping and is managed by villagers with the help of forest department. The bookings are done through the ranger office at Angul ( Odisha ). The places has got all the basic amenities but it is advisable to carry your own water provisions or chlorine tablets as precaution. The place has got solar power and you can recharge your camera there. Please carry a torch and mosquito repellent cream as well.

The Mahanadi gorge is huge and looks splendid during the sunrise and sunset. The place is really beautiful during the winter. During monsoon it is not advisable to travel to this place as trekking in the jungle will become difficult. The Mahanadi hosts crocodiles often spotted sunbathing on the river side. It is very dangerous to venture into the water even it looks very exciting.


The are small boats available which take you across the river. You can walk in the sand along the river. It is a very pleasant experience in the winter. The summer season will not allow this luxury. There is a small reptile park in  Satkosia. You can see various kinds of snakes, crocodiles, alligators.


You can spot lot of migratory birds in the area during winter. The place is still untouched by modern life style and protected from industrial development compared to other areas of Odisha which have been ravaged by mineral ore mining. The place has old world charm and most of the houses are still constructed in old fashioned way using naturally available materials. But one can see that satellite television has entered into the villages and they run on solar power.


The food available here is simple but very delicious. The pulses available here are of better quality than available in the city market. The rice prepared here is of different style and may take time to get used to. You can cook your own barbecue on bonfire .The staff help you get all the ingredients for cooking.Image.

The overall cost of stay in these accommodations is INR 800 per day per tent on twin sharing basis. Angul can be easily reached by rail and the rest of the journey till Tikarpada is to be done in private vehicle. It is advisable to keep the vehicle on stand by at Tikarpada. 

The trek through the jungle is adventurous and has many scenic spots. It is advisable to start early as the weather gets humid and warmer after 10AM. The guide will take you to these spots and will again drop you back at the river side.






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